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To submit a maintenance request, please log into the maintenance portal below.

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When making a maintenance request, please be specific and descriptive about the problem. For example: If your unit's air conditioner is not working, the report of "air conditioner isn't working" does not give us much idea of what is wrong. Instead, if you report "My apartment is warm. I can hear the air conditioner running and I can feel air coming out of the vents. My thermostat is set at 72 but the temperature in my apartment is 95." The later description gives us a much better idea of the issue and the type of service technician to dispatch.

Repair or damage caused by your negligence or misuse is your responsibility. In such cases, repairs will be made, but you will be charged for the cost of the labor and materials. Damages or plumbing stoppages caused by your negligence or misuse will be your responsibility and will be invoiced to your account.

Release of Key

I understand that if I do not authorize a release of a key to a vendor, I will need to be available to give the vendor access to the property.

Simply fill out the form to the left and we will address your maintenance issue. If it is an emergency that requires immediate attention, please call (816) 781-5600.

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