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We recognize that entrusting management to a new and unproven company is a significant commitment, regardless of glowing reviews or persuasive sales pitches. Unlike many property management firms that bind landlords to lengthy contracts of 12 months or more, we operate differently. Our confidence in our services is such that we offer contracts with an initial 3 month term. These contracts automatically renew every 30 days, providing peace of mind for investors. What does this mean for you? If at any point, after the intial term, if we fail to meet your expectations, you have the freedom to cancel with just a 30-day written notice, without incurring any costs or penalties.

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Landlord Protection Guarantee

We have partnered with SureVestor to provide optional insurance, for an additional cost, to offset the risk and owner's expenses due to tenant malicious damage, loss of rent, and eviction costs. This insurance program ensures peace of mind for owners by safeguarding rental income and property against tenant defaults. With comprehensive coverage, it shields owners from missed payments, property damage, and legal expenses, offering financial security in uncertain rental markets. Designed to minimize risk, it provides a safety net, enabling owners to focus on growing their portfolio without fear of financial loss. With SureVestor's Protection Plus insurance, owners can be confident knowing their investments are protected against unforeseen circumstances, enhancing their profitability and confidence in rental property ownership.

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Resident Guarantee

We are pleased to introduce our leasing guarantee, designed to provide peace of mind. Under this guarantee, you will never incur dual leasing fees within a consecutive 6-month timeframe. In the event that a resident, whom we have vetted and approved, fails to fulfill the initial 6 months of their lease (excluding circumstances such as military relocation or other lawful termination clauses), rest assured, we will promptly secure a replacement tenant at no additional cost to you.

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Results Before Payments

You don’t pay us until we show results! If we are leasing your property, we do all the work up front and you don’t pay us until you get a qualified tenant.

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Happiness Guarantee

In the first 90 days of trying out our services, if you're not completely happy with how things are going or the level of service we're providing, you're welcome to cancel your contract. We want to make sure you're fully satisfied!

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